Be our Guest

Be our guest

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Taking a break with Tank & Rast and their tenants makes travelling a much pleasanter experience: When you stop at a rest area to fill your tank, take advantage of the opportunity to rest and recuperate from the rigorous of your journey. It is here that you will find a wide choice of food and beverages for every taste, a selection of shops and, in many locations, hotels with comfortable lodging and meeting facilities.


Gastronomy – variety and freshness on the motorway

The children prefer pasta whilst their parents are more likely to order classic schnitzels or visit the salad bar. At the next table someone is leisurely enjoying a cup of cappuccino. Regional and seasonal dishes offer a welcome change of pace.

Whatever the situation, whatever your mood, Tank & Rast offers a culinary selection that is as varied as customer tastes. Popular brands such as Burger King, McDonald's and Nordsee complement classic gastronomy.

Tank & Rast also regularly offers attractively priced special meals geared to the specific needs of families.

Filling station and service area shops – round the clock shopping convenience

Nearly all filling station and service area shops are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for your shopping convenience. Whether it’s something special for breakfast, reading material for your holiday or a last-minute gift, Tank & Rast has everything you need whilst on the road.

Bake Shops

Our filling station bake shops offer freshly baked rolls, baguette sandwiches and other tasty snacks.

Satisfy your appetite with our current special culinary offers.


For your payment convenience

Travellers will find cashpoints at many of our service areas. All of our filling stations accept EC cards, and you can pay with Mastercard, Visa Card, Diners Club and American Express credit cards at most of our locations.


SANIFAIR – cleanliness and comfort whilst on the road

SANIFAIR is the sanitary concept of Tank & Rast. Touch-free toilets, taps, soap and towel dispensers and self-cleaning lavatories guarantee an outstanding standard of hygiene. There are also modern baby changing rooms, WCs for the physically challenged, and showers for truckers and frequent travellers.

Experience the world of SANIFAIR.

Off motorway service areas – variety and service in the immediate vicinity of the motorway

The presence of Tank & Rast also reaches beyond the motorway. Travellers will find the full familiar range of our products and services at our off motorway service areas. The services and products offered at our off motorway service areas have been selected with the needs of frequent travellers and long-haul truckers in mind. The parking spaces at our off motorway service areas are partly monitored to ensure a safe and secure stay for our customers. The wide culinary selection is complemented by showers and even washing machines and driers.

Our off motorway service areas are frequented by more than just travellers and truckers. They are also popular destinations for local residents, tourists and families in particular.

At some off motorway service areas travellers can also look forward to a unique experience at “ROSI’S” – the cosy restaurant with an atmosphere all its own. Whether you prefer crispy salads, hearty meals or special trucker dishes, ROSI’S offers “simply good food.” Everything is caringly prepared using the freshest ingredients and delivered to your table by our friendly service personnel. And ROSI‘S bake shop features a wide selection of cold and warm snacks, sandwiches and hot drinks.

For further information please visit ROSI’S Homepage or Autohof Wörnitz.


Hotels. Arrive. Rest. Continue on your journey.

Travellers can rest and relax at the approximately 50 Tank & Rast motorway hotels. The rooms are well-insulated to ensure a quiet stay and feature parking directly in front of the door. The next morning you can enjoy a hearty breakfast in the hotel or adjacent service area. Special family rooms and rooms designed specifically for the physically challenged are also available.

Many hotels and service areas also have conference and meeting rooms. Free newspapers, business lounges and convenient locations near major cities make many service areas ideal meeting points for business travellers.

Simply check in and get ready to relax at the Serways Hotels Remscheid Ost (A1), Heiligenroth (A3), Siegburg West (A3), Spessart Süd (A3), Steigerwald Süd (A3), Weißkirchen (A3), Bruchsal West (A5), Nürnberg Feucht Ost (A9), Lüneburger Heide West (A7), Waldmohr (A6), Reinhardshain Nord (A5) and Rhynern Süd (A2). Modernly furnished rooms and services – all reasonably priced – make our hotels attractive places to spend the night on the motorway.

Services for the whole family

Services for the whole family

Our service areas are designed with the family in mind.

You will find baby changing facilities at all rest areas, and restaurants have highchairs for our young travellers. Special children's portions are available for our youngest customers, and restaurant personnel will gladly warm baby food upon request. Some of our restaurants even offer inexpensive family menus.

More and more service areas offer playgrounds where young travellers can work off their pent-up energy. And when the weather turns bad, the children are welcome to use our well-equipped indoor play areas.

Our hotels are also equipped to accommodate smaller guests. Baby beds are standard equipment at many hotels, and small beds for children up to 12 years of age are available for a small extra charge.

Fill up and relax

All major oil companies are represented at Tank & Rast service areas, as well as alternative fuel and additive "AdBlue®." And once your tank is full, we invite you to take advantage of our other facilities to rest and recuperate. Whether you're hungry, thirsty or just need to stretch your legs, you are certain to find exactly what you want at our rest areas. Our filling stations also offer a wide range of car-related services and products in addition to petrol and diesel fuel.

AdBlue® is a registered trademark of the Association of the Automotive Industry e. V. (VDA)

Services for the physically challenged

We also cater to the needs of physically challenged travellers. Virtually all of our buildings are easily accessible for people in wheelchairs. All service areas have parking spaces reserved for the physically challenged and telephones for the wheelchair-bound. Our hotels even have rooms designed specifically for people in wheelchairs.

Universal key to all specially designed public toilettes

A universal key to all specially designed public restrooms can be requested from the Association for the Physically Challenged and their Friends. 

Location search and route planning

Planning your trip is easy. With our free route-planning service you can easily and quickly find the shortest and fastest route between home and your destination and select the best locations to take breaks.

Our location search feature helps you choose the best places to take breaks along the Tank & Rast service area network. Location search and route planning on or

Location search and route planning

Motorway chapels and churches

Motorway chapels and churches

The chapels and churches along the motorway are places where travellers can find peace and contemplation regardless of faith. No matter what your destination, you will find motorway chapels and churches along the way. The houses of God are maintained by the adjacent communities.

Below is a selection of motorway chapels and churches:

A1: Ecumenical Motorway Chapel Dammer Berge
A1: Ecumenical Motorway Chapel Roxel
A3: Motorway Chapel Medenbach
A5: Catholic Motorway Chapel St. Christophorus
A8: Motorway Church "Maria, Schutz den Reisenden"
A57: Ecumenical Motorway Chapel Geismühle
A57: Catholic Motorway Chapel St. Raphael
A81: Ecumenical Motorway Chapel "Emmauskapelle"