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Around the clock, on 365 days a year, the autobahn services company Autobahn Tank & Rast and its franchisees provide comprehensive services on German autobahns. For travellers on the German motorway network, the approximate 360 filling stations and approximate 400 service stations (including approximately 50 hotels) are a place to relax and recuperate. Autobahn Tank & Rast is the leading provider of services on German autobahns.

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Our brands stand for reliable quality on the motorway!

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Salad Buffet

Gastronomy, items for your travel needs, hotel accommodations, fuel and sanitary facilities – Tank & Rast has everything you need for a relaxing and recuperative break on the motorway. Learn more here.

Greater travel enjoyment

Greater travel enjoyment

Tank & Rast offers more than just fuel for your car. We also carry a wide variety of items selected especially to make your trip more enjoyable. Learn more here.

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Route planning

Planning your trip is easy. With our free route-planning service you can easily and quickly find the shortest and fastest route between home and your destination and select the best locations to take breaks. Search for a location at raststaetten.de or serways.de.