The company

Tank & Rast, a modern service provider on the autobahn

Tank & Rast – the modern service provider on the motorway

Round the clock, 365 days a year: Autobahn Tank & Rast and its franchisees offer travellers a comprehensive range of services along German motorways. The approximate 360 filling stations and 400 service stations (including some 50 hotels) along the German motorway network are oases where travellers can relax and recuperate. Autobahn Tank & Rast is thus the leading provider of gastronomy, retail products, hotel accommodations and fuel along German motorways. Some 500 million travellers stop at Autobahn Tank & Rast service areas each year.

Quality products and services with the customer in mind

At Autobahn Tank & Rast the customer is the focus of all of our activities. For this reason we constantly check and evaluate the services and products we offer so that we can meet the changing needs of our customers.

Since privatisation in 1998, our company has invested over 1.5 billion euros in service areas and filling stations. In the course of our modernisation programme we have renovated, remodelled and upgraded our facilities and significantly expanded the range of products and services offered. At Tank & Rast we are continuing our quality offensive with our own Serways service brand. The Serways concept, which focuses on customer orientation and service quality, has now been implemented at about 225 service areas nationwide.

Culinary variety

In order to fulfil the wishes of our younger customers, Autobahn Tank & Rast has expanded the scope of its alliances with well-known brands such as Burger King, McDonald´s, Nordsee, Lavazza, Segafredo, Coffee Fellows and Dallmayr. These modern brands complement classic culinary concepts. The company and its franchisees are constantly improving and expanding the selection of meals, which often includes seasonal and regional dishes. Autobahn Tank & Rast thereby offers travellers a varied and balanced selection of foods and beverages.

Overnight accommodations directly on the motorway

Travellers can renew their energy for the next stage of their journey at one of the approximate 50 service area hotels nationwide without leaving the motorway. The rooms with a bath and toilette are peaceful and modernly furnished.

Fuel and car-related services

Tank & Rast service areas feature fuels from all major oil companies. You will also find environmentally friendly LPG gas at some 130 motorway filling stations. The approximate 520 modernised service area and filling station shops offer customers a wide selection of goods round the clock.

SANIFAIR – cleanliness and travel comfort

The modern SANIFAIR sanitary facilities found at some 410 locations fulfil our promise to our customers – a promise of exquisite hygiene and service coupled with a pleasant atmosphere. Approximately 94 per cent of our customers say they are “very satisfied” or “rather satisfied” with SANIFAIR facilities (Icon Added Value GmbH, Brand Monitor SANIFAIR, 04/2018 [Basis: Germany representative survey by sex and age, 18 - 65 years of age]). SANIFAIR makes the offerings at service areas even more attractive. These modern sanitary facilities boost the level of acceptance and customer frequency at service areas. Because many customers prefer to stop at SANIFAIR service areas whether or not they plan to take advantage of the other services offered. See SANIFAIR homepage.

Filling stations

The filling station segment currently comprises some 360 stations managed by franchise partners. In addition to fuel, diesel and gas, the stations feature modern retail shops, coffee bars and a variety of snacks. Travellers will find modern, hygienic SANIFAIR sanitary facilities at nearly all of the motorway filling stations in the Tank & Rast network.

Service areas

The service area segment comprises approximately 400 service stations (incl. 50 hotels), which offer customers rich culinary variety, shopping opportunities and overnight accommodations. In addition to our own culinary and service brands, we have formed alliances with leading gastronomy partners such as Burger King, McDonald’s, Nordsee, Lavazza, Segafredo and Coffee Fellows.

Self-operated sites

Tank & Rast currently operates twelve service areas on its own. This allows us to test and refine new concepts whilst gaining practical experience that helps us improve service for our customers.

Off motorway service areas

In addition to our many service areas situated directly on the motorway, Tank & Rast also operates off motorway service areas located in the immediate vicinity of the motorway. The presence of Tank & Rast is thus also felt beyond the motorway.